Tilia Hausler



What Services Do You Provide?


Please be mindful I am not a service based companion. I provide an experience with many parallels to that of a girlfriend and one that will allow us to connect on emotional, intellectual, and physical levels. If you are the type to bring a mental checklist of physical activities to our time together, we are probably not a good match.


How Much Notice Do You Need?


Same day request can usually be met, I do however request and suggest pre-booking at least a day in advance. A prebooking must be confirmed the morning of.


Do You Enjoy Kissing?


Absolutely, when it seems a pleasure to do so. Your attitude, hygiene, and grooming play a very big part in my pleasure in to do so.


Do You Allow Photos or Video to be taken during our time together?


No, I do not. Please be mindful any pictures/videos attempting to be taken of our time together is invasion of privacy to the utmost degree. This will end our time together and you will be reported to the community.


Can I bring wine or champagne for our date?


Being a very light social drinker whom seldom indulges during our time together, I ask that if you bring alcohol please make sure it is sealed and you drink responsibly. Drunkenness and rude behavior will not be tolerated.